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If you need some extra funding for your farm, there are some federal programs out there that will help you with funding as long as you are looking into how to save energy by using renewable resources for your farming needs. There are programs that will help to reduce the cost of lowering greenhouse emissions. You can use these renewable energy sources to not only reduce greenhouse emissions, you can also use it to grow more sustainable plants for food.

Key Takeaways:

  • Programs are available for rural businesses, nonprofits, Native American tribes, public bodies, and others.
  • The USDA Rural Energy for America Program provides energy audits and support for constructing renewable energy systems.
  • The Rural Economic Development Loan program provides zero interest loans to local utilities, who pass them through to local businesses.

“The maximum loan guarantee is $25 million and maximum grants are $500,000 for renewable energy and $250,000 for energy efficiency awards per eligible applicant.”

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