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In order to create a energy system based on sustainability, it is important to figure out how well solar cells perform. Danish researchers from Aarhus University have created a model that accurately measures solar energy. Their results included 38 years of global radiation, weather, and temperature analytics on the planet. They can use this data in order to figure out how well solar systems work in different geographies. It allows them to look at solar installations from entire countries rather than just single ones.

Key Takeaways:

    • Researchers collected nearly 40 years of data on global solar radiation, weather and temperature in order to model the performance of photovoltaic installations.
    • As investment in PV has increased, the challenge has become finding a way to link energy production across large numbers of small installations.
    • Renewable energy sources are dependent on the weather, which needs to be taken into account when developing energy planning systems.

“Danish researchers have just set up an historically accurate model, and all the data has been made available for anyone who wants to use it.”

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