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When considering whether or not to install solar panels on one’s home there are a number of questions one can ask. First, one should consider what kind of space they have available on their home which is mainly the roof. One should consider where they live in terms of cost of energy and climate that can support solar. One should finally consider money in terms of investment, return on this investment, and maintenance and repair costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before installing solar panels the key inquiries one should first make regard the angle, size, and orientation of the roof.
  • Further questions one should ask is what size and scope of system that they need. What sort of power are they looking for and how long do they plan on living in the house.
  • One will also want to ask questions about where they live like expenses for electricity and what type of climate they live in.

“Because of the United States’ position in relation to the sun, south-facing roofs are the most productive for solar, followed by west-facing and then east-facing roofs. North-facing roofs are the least desirable for solar, and many people rule them out.”

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